Castelgarden Lawnmower battery NH1220 / NH1218 12V 20Ah

This Castelgarden Lawnmower battery is for use in small engine cars, standard motorbikes, quad bikes etc.
Before using your battery for the first time, you must charge it for at least one hour with an independant charger or drive at least 30km once installed.
Our products are stored in our warehouse which is equipped with a charging room to guarantee optimum quality.
We are ISO 9001 accredited which means that all of our products are regularly checked and tested.

12V battery for cultivator
Capacity in C10: 20Ah
CCA: 240A
Ready to use
Positive terminal on the right
Battery for ride-on mower F19-12B

Castelgarden Lawnmower battery specifications

Item code B21075S
Quantity Battery
EAN Code 3582327800060
Dimensions 181mm x 76mm x 167mm
Volume 2297,252cm³
Weight 5 KG
Brand Tashima
Guarantee 6 months
Voltage 12V
Minimum capacity 20Ah
Usual Name NH1220 / NH1218
Technology Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid Absorbent Glass Mat