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    Fire & Alarm Battery

    Here at Batyre we aim to provide our customers with the highest quality fire & security batteries and the best customer service.

    Finding the right battery helps these products to reach their optimum performance. Batyre is committed to supplying our customers with the perfect battery for their product.

    Batyre’s rigorous checks guarantee:

    • The right battery choice for your fire & security system
    • Ensures correct installation
    • Identifies leaks or other malfunctions

    In terms of our range, the Lucas brand represents superior engineering and service excellence throughout its product range. Our mobility selection consists of Lucas 12 volt batteries that vary between 1.2AH – 10AH. This range covers the following fire & security products:

    • Alarm Battery
    • Smoke Alarms
    • Exit Signs

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    Need a fire alarm battery replacement or batteries for emergency exit lights ?  Batyre in Northern Ireland has been supplying the Fire and emergency sectors with back-up batteries for the last twenty years.  Batyre knows the importance or reliable batteries for these products that’s why we only choose trusted and tested brands for fire and security needs.

    How to order batteries

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