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  • understanding-battery-types

Understanding Battery Types

Some of the major types of lead acid batteries: Batteries are mainly divided in two ways. By what they are used for. (The application) By how they are constructed. (What makes up the battery) The most common applications for batteries are: Automotive (Cars, Bikes [...]

  • how-to-remove-a-battery

How to Remove and Fit a Battery Correctly

Correct Removal and Fitting of a Battery: Loosen and remove the  Negative (-)  terminal from the battery. Secure the lead away from the battery connection. Loosen and remove the Positive (+) terminal from the battery. Secure the lead out of the way of the battery. Remove any screws or [...]

  • battery-terminology

Battery Terminology

Battery Identification Plate Terms: V (Volts) – This is the voltage that the battery will supply. Typically this will be 12v or 24v in relation to automotive or marine applications. Ah(Amp hours)  –This is the amount of time the battery could continuously supply a current. For example a battery [...]

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