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    Lead Acid / Lithium Motorbike Battery

    Here at Batyre we aim to provide our customers with the highest quality lead acid/lithium motorbike batteries and the best customer service.

    Batyre supplies batteries for  the racing and everyday motorbike sector. Finding the right battery helps these products to reach their optimum performance. Batyre is committed to supplying our customers with the perfect battery for their product.

    Batyre’s rigorous checks guarantee:

    • The right battery choice for your product
    • Ensures correct installation
    • Identifies leaks or other malfunctions

    In terms of our range, we supply X-Racer lead acid/lithium batteries that boast superior engineering and service excellence throughout their product range. This range covers the following mobility products:

    • Ducati
    • Honda
    • BMW
    • Suzuki
    • Aprilia

    Visit our store today on 201 York Road, Belfast today to speak to our expert staff to help with finding the perfect battery for what you need or feel free to contact us here.


    Batyre carries a full range of replacement batteries for motorcycles.  The very popular 12v motorcycle battery is always in stock ready for shipping. Our range is from trusted Manufacturers like Yuasa, Global and AGM to name a few.  Call into our showroom to have a look at our range.


    Ways to purchase your motorbike batteries form Batyre

    1. Use our main battery menu to choose your battery ( For clients who know the battery type )
    2. Use our Battery helper form ( We will help you choose the best battery for your bike )
    3. Call our sales team for phone support
    4. Call into our showroom to purchase your battery.

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