UNIBAT X-RACER LITHIUM-9 12V 18Ah 210A Battery

UNIBAT X-RACER LITHIUM-9 12V, X-Racer motorcycle batteries are made of lithium-ion which reduces by 60% the weight of the batteries and compared with the traditional lead-acid batteries keep the same cranking power. X-racer battery range satisfies both the experts and keen on racing and the traditional users looking for a battery with a longer life. Indeed X-Racer batteries’ life is 4 times longer than the standard ones. Thanks to its range of 15 models, the dealer will be able to meet the request of 98% of the most sold motorcycle models.

Technical Information

Equivalent to: CBTX12-BS; CT12A-BS; CB12B-B2

Cranking power CCA: 210 Ampere

Charge Current (Std): 2

Charge Current (Max): 18

Weight: 0.9kg

Size (millimetre): 150 x 87 x 93