UNIBAT CB12AL-A2, YB12AL-A2 (CB12ALA2, YB12ALA2, CB12AL A2, YB12AL A2) 12V 12Ah (Flooded Lead Acid) Motorcycle Battery

UNIBAT batteries offer High Cranking Power, Lower Self Discharge for times of none use and either come Sealed and ready to go or complete with acid pack for when you are ready to commission the product.

The UNIBAT range covers standard Lead Acid Batteries, Lead Calcium Batteries, AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) batteries which are 100% maintenance free and the new CT / CTZ range which has massive cranking power due to an increased number of plates and copper terminals for increase current flow.

Technical Information

Voltage [V]: 12
Battery Capacity [Ah]: 12
Length [mm]: 134.0
Width [mm]: 80.0
Height [mm]: 160.0
Weight filled: 3.20 kg