Power tool battery 14.4V 3Ah

Ref. :Power tool battery 14.4V 3Ah- AMH9027

Brand : NX
Technology : Nickel Metal Hydride
Voltage : 14,4V
Minimum capacity : 3Ah
Dimensions : 112mm x 67mm x 72mm


Product Description

Made to the exact specification of the original manufacturer, built with the highest quality components ensuring long lasting usage life. This Power tool battery undergoes strict quality control test on a regular basis meeting the ISO 9001 standard.
These batteries are suitable for power tools -note care must be taken on matching the correct voltage and amps for your tools.  As a general rule – keep the voltage correct but higher amps can be tolerated.  Please feel free to contact our sales team if you have any questions regarding the correct battery specifications at +44 2890 781 215.  Also note we have a built in form for each product ranges that will help you get the correct battery.


Additional Information

Item code AMH9027

Unit of sale Battery

EAN Code 3660766419859

Dimensions 112mm x 67mm x 72mm

Volume 0,001m³

Weight 1050 Gr

Brand NX

Garantie 6 months

Voltage 14,4V

Minimum capacity 3Ah

Technology Nickel Metal Hydride